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Knights of the Bar
Our Mission

Knights of the Bar has two key missions for the legal community and for legal consumers:

  1. To identify and recognize attorneys who, through a lifetime of leadership, excellence and achievement, have distinguished themselves as pre-eminent lawyers in the profession.

  2. To provide legal consumers with a vehicle for easily locating and retaining the very best attorneys in the profession, affording them access to outstanding legal representation to optimize their chances of favorable results in their legal matters.

Our Philosophy

Knights of the Bar was organized as an alternative to attorney peer review honors long used by the profession to differentiate top attorneys.  Many lawyers have felt that such honors, while valuable, neglect certain important factors that separate the truly superb attorneys from their peers.  There has always been a certain cynicism about peer review honors because lawyers frequently have felt that attorneys in large firms, those with a recent big verdict, or lawyers who are simply popular with their peers may be recognized ahead of those who have consistently led the profession in substantive areas.

Many lawyers also feel that leadership in the profession (bar leadership, lecturing, publication, etc.) is neglected when assessing honors for the best attorneys.  Leadership taken together with consistent outstanding performance in legal matters seem to most attorneys to be more credible barometers of excellence than simply being acknowledged by one's friends.

It is with these principles in mind that Knights of the Bar was founded.  Knights of the Bar emphasizes leadership, excellence and achievement over an entire career rather than the favor of the legal community in an annual survey.  Knights of the Bar has established clear and objective selection criteria that emphasize professional leadership and outstanding performance in the practice of law.

When attorneys are invited to become members of Knights of the Bar, they are being honored for superlative careers in law.  All Knights are Life Members.  Their memberships commemorate lifetime personal achievement and outstanding leadership rather than momentary popularity, notoriety or association with a prominent firm.

Knights of the Bar believes that consistent performance and leadership over many years are what differentiate the most exceptional members of the legal profession.  It is based upon these ideals that Knights of the Bar is proud to proclaim that its members are truly the profession's best attorneys.

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