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Apply to be a Knight

Before filling out the application, please visit our Selection Criteria page to see if your background meets our selection criteria. 

There is no charge to apply.   If your application meets our criteria, you will be invited to join.  If you accept, there will be a one-time enrollment fee to be registered. This fee is a lifetime membership fee. You will not need to pay an annual membership fee to remain a member.  (This fee does not include the online registry, which will be billed separately if you choose to participate.)  There will be no additional fee if you upgrade your status as a result of meeting the criteria for a higher level. 

You can apply online or print the mail-in application by selecting the link below:

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Member Benefits

In addition to the prestige of being selected for invitation to one of the most exclusive attorney memberships in the profession, Knights of the Bar members may list in our online registry, where prospective clients search for top attorneys.  Members can also choose from a number of handsome member recognition plaques to display in their office or reception area.


Recommend an Attorney

Knights of the Bar relies heavily on the recommendation of attorneys to locate and review future Knights.  If you feel you know a prominent lawyer you would like to recommend for inclusion among the profession's best attorneys, please visit our Recommend an Attorney page.

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