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Knights of the Bar provides information on lawyers for information only.  While Knights of the Bar selects attorneys based upon objective measures, it relies substantially on the accuracy of the information submitted by the attorneys, and the accuracy of other sources such as websites, legal profiles and other information in the public domain that Knights of the Bar uses to evaluate lawyers for inclusion in the membership. 

Knights of the Bar makes no warranty regarding the satisfaction of any person who hires a lawyer who is a member or may have been found through the registry.  No information contained in this web site should be considered legal advice; it is for informational and educational purposes only. Use of this web site does not create an attorney/client relationship or any contract or obligation between anyone using this site and Knights of the Bar, other than the attorneys actually registered as members of Knights of the Bar.  It is the responsibility and obligation of any person seeking to hire an attorney to thoroughly and independently review their qualifications before hiring.  Knights of the Bar shall not be held responsible for any claim of dissatisfaction with any attorney hired as a result of information obtained from this site. 

No information contained on this site is intended to be legal advice.  If you have legal questions, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

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