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Improving Attorney Marketing:
Lawyer Marketing and
Knights of the Bar


The Legal Marketing Conundrum

For three decades, attorneys have struggled with the issue of legal marketing.  Initially, the vast majority of lawyers looked with disdain upon attorneys who used television and large display ads in the yellow pages.  As time passed and the market became increasingly competitive, more lawyers reluctantly joined the marketing movement, almost as a defensive measure.  Still, the larger and more prestigious firms resisted this pressure and preferred to stay above the fray.

With the dawn the World Wide Web, lawyers began to see the possibilities in using web pages as a more dignified way of getting their message to legal consumers.  In 2000, it was a rare and bold firm that had a web site.  Today, it is a rare firm that doesn't.  Consumers are increasingly turning to web sites to help them gather information about a law firm before they decide to call.  

In the past, a lawyer referral was a two step process; the client got the name of an attorney from someone they trusted and called.  Today, the process is much more complex.  Consumers will still ask for referrals, but before they call, they will check the firm web site.  In many cases if there is no firm web site, they will not call.  Consumers will also use search engines to compare law firms before they call one.

We have come to the point where, despite the profession's general discomfort with marketing, most lawyers recognize that if they don't keep pace, clients will go elsewhere.  Still, they yearn to find dignified marketing methods that deliver the message without demeaning the profession.

In this regard, Knights of the Bar represents an ideal marketing solution.  Knights of the Bar recognizes your outstanding achievements in an understated way.  There are no splashy display ads, no purchasing position, no books to buy that consumers never read, and no glossy magazine issue that is in the trash in 30 days.  Knights of the Bar simply maintains 24/7 traffic to our site and allows legal consumers to find the best lawyers in the profession without hype.

Attorney Marketing is Highly Competitive

With so much competition, it is important to differentiate your practice from the crowd.   Among the top tiers, the competition for the most desirable clients is especially fierce.  This is where Knights of the Bar can be an asset in your marketing efforts.  Knights of the Bar differentiates you and your practice as being among the most prominent in the profession.  While there are many peer review honors bestowed upon attorneys to help them to differentiate themselves for marketing purposes, Knights of the Bar goes a step further.

Knights of the Bar uses objective measures of leadership to further limit those who qualify, making this one of the most elite memberships in the profession.  As such, it also makes a distinctive statement about your practice that raises you above the din of normal attorney marketing and distinguishes your practice to both clients and other lawyers.

A Little Known Fact About Attorney Website Marketing

Most web developers will tell you that you should have your web site "search engine optimized", so that you place highly in important keyword searches.  However, for most law firms, less than 30% of all their web traffic comes from keyword searches from search engines.  The vast majority of traffic comes from searches of the attorneys' names or the law firm's name or from links from other sites.

What is important to know is that most people who visit your website have heard of you already.  It might be from another website or from a referral source or from a friend of theirs or from an article you wrote.  They are not there to learn who you are.  They are there to learn more about you.  Your website is a research tool they use to decide if they will call you or move on to someone else.

For this reason, it is important to differentiate yourself from the other attorneys they have seen on the web.  Knights of the Bar helps with that differentiation by giving you a distinction that very few lawyers can claim.

Using Your Knights of the Bar Membership
For Effective Attorney Marketing

Knights of the Bar is especially effective for use in internet marketing for lawyers and law firms.  Once you have qualified for Knights of the Bar and join, you will have a powerful internet marketing tool at your disposal.  Being selected to Knights of the Bar is a distinction shared by very few attorneys.  This will give you an edge in landing clients and impressing contacts.  Knights of the Bar sets up two links to your website, one to your firm home page and one to your individual profile page, so potential clients can immediately read about you. You can also create a link to Knights of the Bar from your website, so visitors to your site can see the rigorous standards you have met to be chosen as a member.  This will immediately differentiate you from even prominent attorneys as a breed apart. 

In addition to this marketing benefit, Knights of the Bar has an attorney search engine exclusively for members.  This attorney marketing tool will help potential clients find the very best attorneys in their state.  Being listed in this online registry will provide desirable new clients who are looking for the very best attorneys in practice today.  Knights of the Bar advertises on Google® and Yahoo® as a Sponsored Link advertiser to maintain a high volume of traffic of potential clients looking for the best attorneys in the profession.

Publicity for Your Achievements

Another attorney marketing tool to promote your success is Knights in the News, where we reprint stories that have been published in the media regarding achievements of Knights.  Whenever a news story is published in the media, a Knight may submit it for publication in the news section.  This will provide another impressive forum for your achievements, allowing potential clients and other attorneys to immediately access key information about you after reading the news story.

A Prestigious Honor and
A Powerful Lawyer Marketing Tool

Knights of the Bar acknowledges your accomplishments and leadership and helps your legal marketing efforts by creating a more powerful image for your practice and web links that will get clients to your website instantly.  For top lawyers, Knights of the Bar can serve as an important factor in attracting potential clients and increasing the likelihood of  referrals from other attorneys.

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